Its been a few months now since Pusha T released of "The Story Of Adidon" the song with viral with millions of views it made jaws drop across the globe. The song was an attack on Drakes character and exposed his darkest secrets and gave the world a different view of the Canadian rapper. Pusha T exposed a baby that Drizzy had with a media porn star, he attacked his producer and some. To be fair Drake went in on Kanye and mentioned Pusha fiance in a rap which opens the door for the rapper to respond.

Months went by and still no response to the 🔥🔥🔥 hit The Story Of Adidon but instead, Drake went after Kanye.  Drake mentioned Ye in songs and even on stage in Chicago, i guess he thought Pusha got his info from Kanye. The bottom line is the Canadian rapper couldn't compete with the dis song...there were rumors that he was offering $100k for info on Push. Now let us keep it 💯 J Prince did a interview claiming that he asked Drake not to respond but yet he can talk about Ye! who remained mute in the battle... sounds corny to me.

This is where the story gets good... all this time Drake used on Kanye thinking he told all the biz come to find out it was an inside job. Pusha T appeared on a podcast recently and revealed where he got the rundown on Drakes life. Come to find out Drakes producer 40 was pillow talking and telling all the biz but not his own. 40 Has been laying up with some women pillow talking, spilling his guts about all Drakes business to her. I wonder how the Canadian rap star is taking or is he in denial.

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