On Saturday morning we were woken up by new attacks to ‘In my feelings’ hitmaker Drake by Kanye West apparently for following his wife, Kim Kardashian on Instagram.
The two stars have been having issues after Drake made allegations statements that suggested he had slept with ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ star after she was with West. Also, the happy couple blamed the rap star from Canada of speaking menacingly to the family through Kris Jenner.
But this time, Kanye rekindled attack on Drake for following his wife on Instagram back in September despite having problems with the family. It didn’t stop at that, but Kanye walked straight to the criticism to demand amends from the Canadian star.
Kanye also called out Drake for apparently ‘sneak dissing’ Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend new records’ MODE,’ of which he was featured in. He later wrote that he had settled their difference with Travis since he is family. The attack was triggered by the fact that Drake bought first two seats in Toronto Pusha T show and Kanye took it as intimidation acts.

According to Yezzy he never knew until that Saturday morning that Drake was following his wife on Instagram and that pissed west off. He had to speak out on his twitter accounts of which he later deleted the messages. Later the E-star stepped in and refuted the allegations that Drake called to threatened their family and her better half. She went ahead and mounted praises on her husband achievements and successes from music to the fashion industry. The 41-year-old rapper took an exciting twist to wish Drake good wishes, and he may get a blessing of having a happy family like them. He wrote ‘truly we wish and pray that Drake may find happiness like the one they already have.’

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