Stick, and stones can break bones, but actions can really hurt, making headlines of late has been accurate and confirmed stories and activities by R-Kelly that has been making the headlines while turning the R & B singer an enemy of the people. For some time now, the singer has been allegedly accused and charged with related sex charges on many occasions, but the recent one has just surpassed all the other related sex charges.

The infamous ‘pee tape’ as we may call it has been making the headlines in a bizarre fashion where the star was making a pornographic trial to a 14-year child. As a matter of fact, the sex tape series has exploded into a lifetime documentary which people have even branded it as surviving R-Kelly as to many, the singer is supposed to be like a father to the victim and not otherwise. However, other sources claim that the R&B star has also been accused or other many related sex misconduct especially regarding teenage girls reflecting just how the star has managed to tarnish his autobiography.

Perhaps he is paying back or something, we can’t really say what’s really wrong with the star, but what we know is that in one his autobiography, it is said that he was also a victim of abuse whereby he was raped by an older woman on several occasions for years without anybody coming to his rescue. But even if that was the case, he should seek assistance if at all anything is wrong in his head because according to the BBC, R-Kelly has been charged with more than 21 counts of making child pornography, involving oral sex, intercourse, urination, and other sexual act.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the star has been related to sexual misconduct for over two decades now, and it seems like it’s not ending sooner unless action is taken.

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