Things might be getting from worse to worst for Tekashi69 after the federations start to follow up on his involvement on chief keef also known as Keith Farrelle Cozart case shooting. The rapper has driven attention to the feds after a bitter exchange with chief keef on Instagram, and seemingly things advanced faster after the shooting.
Other charges are facing the rapper which includes, implicating himself with violent US gangs, child sex offenses and also extortion.

The feds have evidence that suggests that the rapper is implicated in the chief keeps case, but still, the evidence is still under review. In the leaked video clip Takashi was asking the whereabouts of chief keef and his cousin Tadoe.In which the feds believe that the rapper had put a bounty of 30000 dollars on chief keef cousin, Tadoe. Also, it is alleged that a person close associate of Takashi was following chief keef before the shooting occurred.
Connecting all these evident puts the rapper as a person of interest in the shooting.
In the united states, any form of extortion can get a person to be locked up, of which Takashi is alleged to be involved with a violent gang involved with extortion acts. Also, in 2015 the American rapper pleaded guilty of being involved sexually with a 13-year-old, which led to his probation.

Law enforcement people have hopes of the unresolved shooting after they got hold of the video clip after the case was transferred from the local authorities to the feds.
The rapper has a high probability of facing new charges after the video clip emerged he implicated himself on the June shootings. Although all these connections to these offenses, the rapper's fame are unstoppable, he has collaborated with high profile rappers in American history the likes of Kanye West.

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