Two love stars in the American hip-hop industry have set a high bar in matters concerning the wedding. Safaree Samuel and Erica Mena are fielding huge offers for their marriage to be stream lived.

TMZ has reported that already the two partners have received an offer of 350k dollars to stream live marriage ceremony, if what Safaree word is to go by.
After the sophisticated proposal on the eve of Christmas where Safaree went out of his way to get permission from Erica’s mother and brother, before popping the big question to Erica. Rumors have it that the two have known each other since the latter was seventeen years older.

Mainstream digital platform has already reached out to the two love stars offering a bid of 350k dollars according to Safaree rep KD McNair. Since showcasing their wedding is still a priority to the hip-hop stars the bid is still open, they have not yet settled for the 350k dollars offer. It seems that the coupes will have to visit the bank immediately after the flashy wedding after offering huge offers to bidders in digital video streaming.
According to Safaree and Erica live streaming their marriage ceremony has meaning than having a unique television show. Because their fans will be able to give their opinions during live streaming. Definitely, the two partners want their fan to have a glimpse of their special day.

Safaree Samuel and Erica have lots of followers on Instagram, which is 2.1 million and 3.8 million followers respectively. Hence lots of people will be tuned if they will keep their word on streaming live their wedding.
Apparently, love and hip-hop show team have supported their decision to stream live their wedding. The two hip-hop stars will be welcoming new year apparently with love and a massive amount of money.

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